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was ist ein binnensee aufklaumlrung afacc47

What is an inland lake? enlightenment

Terms are often used in the German language that appear very complicated at first glance. The concept of the inland lake is such. But what is an inland…

gehoumlrt russland zu europa oder zu asien aufklaumlrung 156ff23

Does Russia belong to Europe or to Asia? – Enlightenment

With an area of ​​about 17 million square kilometers, Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area. It is inhabited by 144.5 million people…

weiszliger hai in der nordseeostsee wo er lebt a93fca2

Great White Shark in the North Sea/Baltic Sea? – where he lives

The Great White Shark is considered a cosmopolitan creature. It finds its home in all tropical and subtropical oceans, but primarily in the temperate latitudes. The warm Gulf…

gehoumlrt die tuumlrkei zu europa zur eu oder zu asien aufklaumlrung 83cc779

Is Turkey part of Europe & EU or Asia? – Enlightenment

To this day, the so-called land of the three seas keeps trying to become a member state of the European Union to become, but ultimately without success.This matter…

orangener mond bedeutung mythologie entstehung bca2196

Orange Moon – Meaning, Mythology & Origin

To this day, an orange moon is an image that amazes many people. Among other things, an orange moon is also known as a blood moon. This celestial…

weihnachten in russland datum braumluche traditionen ca9f2b8

Christmas in Russia – Date, Customs & Traditions

Christmas is the second most important festival of the year for devout Christians in Russia. Christmas Eve in Russia is not celebrated on December 24th, but on January…

wie viele sterne hat die amerikanische flagge aufklaumlrung af214c8

How many stars does the American flag have? – Enlightenment

The American flag is mostly hyped by the Americans. Hardly any population in any other country exudes such patriotism as the Americans do. Visitors report countless flags displayed…

wo entspringt der rhein wo muumlndet er aufklaumlrung fda33d0

Where does the Rhine rise and where does it flow? – Enlightenment

With 1234 kilometers in length, the Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe and is also considered one of the < strong>busiest waterways in the world….

weltumrundung wieviele km sind es aufklaumlrung 39d0ea3

Round the world – how many km is it? – Enlightenment

Something is going around the world. You've always heard that. And circumnavigating the world used to be a real race, a competition of technical extremes. Jules Verne's “Around…

welche sprachen werden in ghana gesprochen aufklaumlrung 80e8fc1

What languages ​​are spoken in Ghana? – Enlightenment

There are countless languages ​​and dialects in Ghana, so the official language is English. There are official languages ​​in Ghana, depending on classification, between 45 and 100. In…