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Why is the sky blue? – simple explanation

Why is the sky blue ? - simple explanation

A beautiful blue sky brightens up the soul at any time of the year. But why does the sky have a blue light at all? There is a psychological as well as a physical and therefore clear explanation for this.

The light scattering in the sky

Explained purely physically, the blue sky is generated with the light scattering. The Earth's atmosphere consists mostly of oxygen and nitrogen. In order for sunlight to reach Earth, it has to pass through the atmosphere on its way. This is filled with various gas molecules. When sunlight hits the gas molecules, they are immediately scattered. With this process, the incidence of light is deflected. The white light is broken down into its very own components. In physics lessons, this process is often shown using a prism. The famous rainbow colors are created. Then the colors blue, green, yellow, orange and red emerge. The different colors are scattered differently. The smaller a wavelength is, the smaller the wavelength becomes. The rays, on the other hand, become more energetic.

Rayleigh scattering

This process also becomes Rayleigh scatteringcalled. The British John William Strutt, or third Baron Rayleigh, discovered the physical principle in the 19th century. He was given the honor of naming this principle after his own name. With his principle he described the phenomenon of the blue sky and all types of general electromagnetic radiation.

The blue color in the sky

The blue rays are more powerful and have more energy than the red ones. Thus, the blue light components are deflected more strongly during the scattering process. A cloudless sky can be seen. The sun shines brightly. It has free access to radiate in all directions of the atmosphere. The rays can be strongly scattered. So they are scattered in our direction and thus in our eyes. It is and the scattered blue components. Again, the red light rays are deflected less. The blue sky only occurs to the eye because the blue light rays scatter more and are deflected.

Language is the expression of perception

Language shapes the perception of German people Languages. The respective colors were determined one day with the help of language. So the sky is blue! But this expression is not common all over the world. There are languages ​​which admit absolutely no differences with words. A distinction, for example, between some colors does not take place. A word is used instead. If colors are similar, such as red and orange, then various shades are spoken of. Some languages ​​don't have words for different colors. There are only the terms: black, white and red. In this case, a blue sky is not expressed verbally.

The different moods in the sky

If the sun is low in the sky, is created the dawn or dusk. The light needs a much longer path. If the short-wave blue light is stopped by the existing molecules after a short distance, then only long-wave red components come to earth. However, the sky is not always blue. It can be cloudy and therefore grey. At the moment the air is dusty or humid. If this situation takes place in the sky, then it is not possible for the spectral colors to split. The radiation is reflected like a mirror. The sky appeared white or shades of gray.

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