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Why is the moon sometimes red? – Enlightenment

Why is the moon sometimes red? - Enlightenment

An impressive evening backdrop spreads out. The moon shines big in a red light under a cloudless sky. This phenomenon occurs when there is a total lunar eclipse. The reddish color occurs when the moon moves into the direct shadow of our earth. The red looks rich and at the same time mystical.

Experience the natural spectacle live

A clear sky is required to see the red moon. The natural event of a lunar eclipse can be experienced approximately two to three times a year. In some years it is even possible for the natural spectacle to take place up to five times. But the moon does not always shine in a red light. When it does, it is said to be one of the most spectacular lunar eclipses.

The prerequisite for this natural event is basically the full moon. At the moment of the lunar eclipse, the moon is directly opposite the sun. Seen from a distance, Mother Earth casts a shadow in space. This shadow takes on a cone shape. This cone-shaped shadow only occurs when the juxtaposition described occurs. With further phases of the moon the earth stands in further different angles to the sun. There is no shadow.

Get even closer to the red moon with telescopes

When the moon shines copper red, the photographers and astronomers unpack their cameras and telescopes. But not only the professionals enjoy this natural phenomenon. Even the laypeople who are less interested in the lunar spectacle as a hobby or professionally take one or two photos for social media or to send to family and friends.

It is interesting that the moon is not as it were during the total solar eclipse becomes invisible to the viewer. In the umbra of the earth, the moon still gets sunlight. The long-wave light is refracted more than the short-wave light. This is how the copper-red color is created.

The moon causes the tides

The moon has a direct influence on the ebb and flow. Many people are convinced that the moon has a direct influence on our emotions and our lives. Sensitive people can sleep less well when the moon is full. The phenomenon of sleepwalking even occurs. Sensitive people even speak of mood swings around the days of the full moon. The moon symbolically represents the female sex and thus the associated fertility. There is no real scientific evidence in that sense. The different phases of the moon and their meaning have always fascinated people. With the annual lunar calendar, the hairdresser's appointment is set or work in the garden is carried out on schedule.

Magic moments in different phases

The full moon and the red moon cause magic Moment. The lunar eclipse is divided into three different phases. The total lunar eclipse is well known. In addition, there is the penumbral and partial lunar eclipse.

The penumbral lunar eclipse is easily explained. The earth's satellite is only in a slight shadow opposite the moon. However, the difference is hardly recognizable for the layman or is not perceived as such. On the other hand, the penumbral lunar eclipse is perceived more clearly. A covering of even two thirds of the moon can be seen. Although there is no red color, the change is more noticeable.

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