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Why does THE Ukraine have an article? – Enlightenment

Why does THE Ukraine have one Article? - Enlightenment

Some questions arise without being asked. And some people ask it anyway, but don't get an answer. But there is an answer to many questions. And so it is with the question: why does Ukraine have an article? Or other countries too? Why isn't it called “das Deutschland” or something?

Some countries have them

Article. They are common and popular in the German language and are sometimes added to countries as well. Iran, Yemen or Ukraine. You just say it like that without thinking very long about why it is like that. You just say it and then you have done justice to a debt. But you might still like to know if you've noticed it once too often.

Neutrality of the name

As soon as a country name is considered neuter, the article is dropped. This is the case in Germany, Belgium, France and many other countries. That's why most countries don't have an article, because most countries are treated neuterly in that language.


There are some countries that are considered masculine words and are therefore preceded by “der”. Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran. There are still very few countries that carry such a title.


And now to Ukraine. It is considered a feminine word and therefore a “die” must be placed in front of it. Ukraine. Similar to Turkey, Slovakia, Mongolia, Switzerland. All of these countries have a female title and it's natural to add that title as well and it would sound strange to leave it out.


But there are more countries that deserve a title. But that has nothing to do with masculine or feminine or neuter, but with a plural. So it's always THE United States of America, the USA. That's why you should never say “the USA has”, but always “have”.

And among the majority, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, the Philippines and a few other countries are still entitled to such a title.

A matter of habit

Of course, a country doesn't care at all if whether it is feminine or masculine or plural, it is simply a matter of linguistic habit to add or omit a title. And whether it sounds strange to say “Turkey” or “Ukraine” without attaching a title. Maybe that will change over time and one should be open to it when things and language rules change.


So there is no special or historical secret of Ukraine behind its title ” die”, but only the opinion that the word is feminine and therefore gets a title like few other countries, otherwise it would sound funny. A simple but obvious explanation and when you know something like that you can explain it to other people and enlighten them because every now and then these questions can still come up. Simple grammar is behind it, nothing mysterious or abstract.

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