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Why does Ireland have two capitals? – Enlightenment

Why does Ireland have two capitals ? - Enlightenment

The capital of Ireland is Dublin and the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. But why is that? The reasons for this lie in the Northern Ireland conflict, the causes of which go back many centuries. Below is a brief overview of the key events surrounding this significant event within the British Empire and Europe.

Who fought who in the Northern Ireland conflict?

The Northern Ireland Conflict is between two groups of people in Northern Ireland:

  1.  Protestants who are in favor of union with England and are therefore also called Unionists. This group forms the majority of the population in Northern Ireland . It consists mostly of descendants of English and Scottish immigrants.
  2.  Catholics who oppose union with England and are Republicans on the Conservative side. They want a for thatUnion with the Republic of Ireland to the south.

Northern Ireland was formed after the Irish War of Independence in 1921. The armed conflicts between the two population groups ended for the time being with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

The Northern Ireland conflict continued for a long time due to the division of the country and significantly shaped Irish-British and domestic politics until the 2000s .

With the Good Friday Agreement in 1998The Republic of Ireland waived the demand for reunification with Northern Ireland, which had been pushed for years. This led to a significant detente between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. However, the possibility of unification between the two areas is only possible by a majority vote of the people of Northern Ireland. So far, however, this has not happened.

The Northern Ireland conflict: an overview of the most important events

  • The conflict between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland dates back to the English conquest of Ireland
  • Ireland was conquered by the English in 1169 in the eastern part of the country
  • In 1607 fleeing earls from England, Wales and Scotland settled in Ulster, in the north of Ireland, leading to the dispossession of the Irish
  • Dissolution of the State of Ireland by the Union Act of 1800
  • In 1801 the was createdUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Ireland continued to fight for independence from England
  • The Catholic majority in Ireland were in favor of an autonomous Ireland (Republicans ), the Protestants in the country (unionists) against an independent Ireland
  • In 1920, under the Government of Ireland Act, the north of Ireland got an independent parliament for the predominantly Protestant population (pro-union with England)
  • Six of the nine counties in Ulster formed the new parliament in Northern Ireland
  • In 1919-1921, after the First World War, there was a bloody civil war in Ireland, which affected large parts of the country Independence from Great Britain
  • In 1921 the Anglo-American Treaty was signed giving the south of Ireland the status of a Free State within the British Empire
  • In 1948 the Irish Free State became the Republic of Ireland
  • 1922 the Irish Civil War broke out between Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Republican IRA units (pro united Ireland , against the secession of Northern Ireland) launched an armed campaign against the new Northern Irish state
  • The pro-British Protestants in Northern Ireland declared the Republican Catholics in Ireland to be foreign bodies and enemies of the state< li>In Northern Ireland, the Catholic minority was increasingly oppressed and discriminated against
  • The Unionists ensured that from 1921 to 1972 Northern Ireland was constantly ruled by a single party, the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)
  • In 1949, the Free State of Ireland finally declared itself a republic, thereby severing the last ties with Great Britain
  • With the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, the armed Au Clashes in Northern Ireland over for the time being

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