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Why does China only have one time zone? – Enlightenment

Why does China only have one Time zone? - Enlightenment

If you cross the border from Sweden to Finland, you have to put the clock forward one hour< /strong>, because Finland is in the Eastern time zone and not in CET. With a West-East extent of more than 5,200 kilometers, one would think that several times exist. None, in China the clocks tick differently.

Five time zones that somehow don't work

In order for the sun to be highest in all parts of the country around noon, five time zones were introduced in China in 1912 . Daylight saving time was also introduced for a very short time, but many provinces did not adhere to the requirement and so daylight saving time was abolished shortly afterwards. But why did China abolish all five time zones in 1949?

Many Chinese explain this by saying that in most areas of the huge state, people do not own watches. But you listen to the radio and the time is announced there several times a day. However, the state only knows the “Beijing time“, which is why all clocks are set according to this time. Whether it's in the far west, east, south or opposite north, the clocks are ticking in one time zone. There are supposed to be people in the provinces who don't know that there are several time zones around the world. You probably assume that the entire world runs according to Beijing time. Nobody was interested in the different time zones, because what happened in Beijing was the only right thing and was not questioned.

When the sun is late Morning rises

The sun rises in the east“, that's also true in China. “It takes its course in the south“, that's also true in China. “It will perish in the West“, it will in China too. “It's almost never seen in the north“, at least not when it should. In some provinces, the sun does not rise until late morning and around midnightagain under. For many, this is a burden. They get up in the dark and, like all other commuters, make their way to work in the middle of the night. Others, on the other hand, already benefit from daylight in the early hours of the morning, but are annoyed that they have no daylight in their leisure time in the late afternoon.

Employees repeatedly complain about tiredness, an imbalanced mental body balance and employers are increasingly frustrated. As a result, some provinces of the state have started adjusting times according to daylight. Officially, the “Beijing time remains’, but people don’t have to be in the office at 7 or 8 a.m. like everyone else, but two hours later. However, this is not the case in all sectors, because many processes are cross-provincial and there is a time zone change if a company from the neighboring provinces cannot be reached because it is in operation due to the darkness two hours later.

The government is not expected to change course

Beijing sees itself as the central power of the state. Apostate provinces that set their own rules are frowned upon and will be fought at any cost. Everyone has to submit to the system, and that also applies to time. Notwithstanding that having multiple time zones has the health problemcould be lowered, the government has said since the introduction of the uniform time zone that a state only needs one time zone. Governing centrally, central time, central information – this is how China imagines its way of life and those who don’t go along get minus points.

Applications damage reputation, many people know about that. Those who look to themselves will not dare to raise their voices against Beijing. Every citizen in China is evaluated with the point system. Violations of state regulations are punished with negative points or point deductions. If the Score is low, this affects the application for a job. He also has to fear that the bank will terminate existing loans immediately and the debts will become due in full. There are no new loans, because once you are classified as a querulous, you have to do a lot of good to get rid of the status. And so the Chinese government wants all of China to be administered in one time zone.

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