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Why are planes white? – Enlightenment

Why are planes white? - Enlightenment; tion


If you travel a lot for pleasure or for work, you've probably been to an airport a few times and of course you've seen a lot of planes. One of the questions most people have asked themselves at least once in their lifetime when they see airplanes is why are airplanes white?

If you think about it for a moment, most planes are white and you rarely see other colored planes. Of course, this is not a coincidence and there are many reasons why most airplanes are white.

In today's article we will try to unravel this little mystery about the white color of airplanes.

Why are airplanes white?< /h2>

As mentioned earlier, not all companies choose white, but the vast majority do. The color is limited to the airline's emblem, while white is the dominant color in the rest of the design. And there are good reasons for that choice.
The top four reasons aircraft are painted white are:

  • White reflects the sun
  • White is more visible
  • White makes repairs easier

Let's look at each of these four themes individually.

White reflects the sun

The color white is chosen because it reflects the most sunlight. This keeps the aircraft cooler and prevents mechanical elements from overheating while reducing stress on the more delicate and deformable parts of the aircraft (e.g. plastic parts).

Furthermore, white aircraft help pilots and passengers stay cool and save energy as fewer air conditioners are needed.

White is more eye-catching

Now you might be wondering: Why do aircraft need to be detected as soon as possible? The answer is simple: other planes and flocks of birds are the biggest threat. In the sky, a solid white object is far more conspicuous than a similarly sized green or, worse, blue object. Red and yellow are two colors that blend well at sunset.
Accidents with planes that have fallen asleep are very common. Most often, these are just economic damage to the nacelle, but they can also cause damage to the engines, which can have much more serious consequences.

White makes repairs easier

When flying the plane, there are countless encountered weather conditions. While this will cause damage to the aircraft's paintwork, the damage will be less noticeable on white areas of the aircraft, while it will be more visible on colored parts. White color is also less expensive. Therefore, significantly more money has to be spent on maintaining a colored nacelle, which amounts to a constant expense.


As we have seen, the fact that most aircraft are painted white has a number of benefits. Firstly, it has advantages in terms of comfort, since the color white absorbs much less heat and therefore keeps the interior of the aircraft much cooler. Secondly, it is much easier and cheaper to repair a damaged aircraft if the color is white. And last but not least, the color white is much more visible, which increases passenger safety.

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