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Why are pinwheels green at the bottom? – Enlightenment

Why are wind turbines below green ;n? - Enlightenment

Windmills have a green color at the bottom. Thus, the system should be optically adapted to the green surroundings. After the green coat there is an off-white color tone. It is interrupted by a red stripe. This strip is intended to prevent accidents from airplanes. Pilots can see the red white lines much better than the light color.

Why are windmills colored green underneath?

According to the law, wind turbines can only be painted green up to a height of 40 meters. The rest of the pinwheel must remain white. Wind turbines are required to convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. This energy is fed into a power grid. To ensure that there is sufficient wind for the conversion, wind turbines are set up in open fields. In addition, they have to be high in the air in order to be able to optimally catch the wind. Due to their height, it is important that pilots recognize them as obstacles in good time.

Enercon wind turbines

The manufacturer Enerconhas developed wind turbines that have a special technology for wind energy. A trademark is the green painting in the lower area of ​​the wind wheel. The painting is intended to attempt to make the wind turbine disappear into the landscape. Visually, the wind turbines appear a bit softer and more appropriate due to the color. The purpose of the color is to achieve a kind of interlocking between the environment and the object. The design of the wind turbine is not about decorating the wind turbine with colorful flowers. Rather, it is about a function-related design. The green color is used to create a balanced sound between the technical structure and the landscape.

What is a windmill?

Windmills use the wind to electricityto manufacture. The structures are also referred to as wind turbines. Many wind turbines are equipped with two or three rotor blades. These are elongated wings that are located at the top of the tower. Due to the rising wind, the rotor blades start to move. Some wind turbines are up to 200 m high. They can often be found in meadows, fields, at sea or in forests. The wind turbines that are erected at sea are offshore. This means that they are built beyond the shore. Accordingly, wind turbines that are erected on land are also referred to as onshore wind turbines. Wind is one of the renewable energies that can never be used up. Wind energy is considered to be very environmentally friendly, since no pollutants are produced during the production of energy. For this reason, more and more wind turbines are being set up in Germany.

Benefits of wind turbines

In order for the wind turbines to be able to call up their full power, they have to be set up in windy locations will. They are often set up in wind farms and not set up individually. They can be found either on high mountains or near coasts. A single modern wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power around a thousand families. There are often more than 20 wind turbines in a wind farm. It is much cheaper for the operator and the experts do not have to drive as far to the next model for maintenance. With their green color, they adapt perfectly to the landscape in the lower area.

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