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When will it be warmer again in Germany, annually?

When will it be warmer again in Germany, every year?

There are probably only a few people who can get something positive out of winter. Most will probably prefer warmer temperatures. You can do more in the great outdoors again without having to wrap yourself in layers of clothing. But when will it actually get warmer again in our latitudes?

The climate doesn't have a time clock

“Hopefully it will be warmer again soon!” is probably the most frequently said sentence in winter. Almost everyone longs for the warmer season. Quite a few take the meteorological start of spring as a fixed point for this. In our latitudes, this is March 1 of each year. However, the climate is very little interested in fixed dates. Rather, it is a dynamic process that is controlled by numerous influences. Even minimal changes can result in a later or slower rise in temperature. In other words, nobody can predict exactly when the temperature rise will begin each year. There have certainly been years in which snowfall with several centimeters of fresh snow started as late as April.

These events influence heat development

There is no one time in the year when it gets warmer. Even the most powerful supercomputers that calculate weather models over a longer period of time have a hard time here. Let's be honest, how often have you scolded the weather forecast because sun was announced but it was raining all the time. And here we are talking about forecasts over a period of a few days. Powerful computers, so-called supercomputers, are used for the forecasts. These supercomputers have several 10,000 processors and RAM in the terabyte range. These computers are filled with various parameters, which then calculate possible predictions. These include sea surface temperatures, soil moisture, the extent of polar ice and how much ground surface is covered with snow. A so-called weather forecast is then created from these and more parameters. However, these forecasts are very unreliable, especially in our latitudes, as the parameters change very quickly.

Nature shows when it will be warmer

You don't need a supercomputer to know when it's getting warmer. Even if you carefully observe nature, you can find many clues as to when it will be warmer. Trees and flowers in particular are the most important sources of information. Above all, the popular snowdrops are a first sure sign that it is getting warmer again. The first snowdrops are often visible as early as February when there is snow and ice. So at a time when you don't necessarily have the feeling that it's getting warmer again. However, the sun has to develop enough heat to reach the germination temperature of the snowdrops. Crocuses are also a good indicator that temperatures are rising. But at the latest when the buds on trees and bushes open, you can be sure that the warm season has begun. However, even now, night frosts and cold snaps can cause low temperatures. Some also say that the return of migratory birds indicates rising temperatures. However, animals are only suitable to a limited extent for determining from their behavior that it is getting warmer. Their instincts are designed in such a way that hibernators only become active again when humans clearly notice that it is warmer again.

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