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When does it get dark in winter/summer? – Enlightenment

When will it get dark in the Winter/summer? - Enlightenment

This insight seems obvious, we understand it from the morning: The sun sets at different times throughout the year. But why is this exactly? What exactly is twilight? And when exactly does it get dark in winter or summer? Read this text and get information about this topic!

Day and night have an influence on our existence as humanity – it has always been like this

As modern city people in a modern civilization, we are no longer dependent on the time of twilight. This was different before the invention of electric light. People inevitably had to adjust their daily routine to the times of sunrise and sunset. However, it is considered controversial whether people actually slept longer as a result. There is research evidence that suggests this is not the case. What our ancestors may have had in any case: An internal clock that told them when to sleep and when to wake up.

Twilight – the phase after sunset offers an impressive spectacle

Incidentally, twilight refers to the phase after sunrise or sunset. Sunset marks the point at which the sun disappears below the line of the horizon. As a result, darkness descends more and more on the world. At dusk, it is not uncommon for a play of colors to be observed that not only inspired romantic poets to lyrical flights of fancy. Dusk hues range from rich red, orange, yellow, violet, blue-violet, or even slightly greenish. Depending on the weather conditions or the time of year, dusk can last for several hours.

Day and night on earth – an unequal distribution in the southern and northern hemisphere

It is known that days in summer are always longer than in winter. An interesting fact that only a few people know: The world does not have an equal distribution of fifty percent night and fifty percent day. The reality is that while fifty percent of the world is light during the day, only about fifteen percent is at night. This is due to the sometimes very long twilight everywhere in the world. The nights are longer in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere. Since Germany is located in the northern hemisphere, we generally enjoy less sunlight in our latitudes and experience an earlier sunset. Only in September the light hours of the day are distributed similarly all over the world.

And how is that exactly? When the sun sets in summer and winter…

The earlier sunset in winter is also due to the rotation that our earth makes around the sun in one year. Since the earth does not tilt at a parallel angle to the sun, instead it is tilted. The side of the earth that is closer to the sun receives more light. In the southern hemisphere, days and seasons are therefore warmer and more light-intensive. While it is summer in the southern hemisphere, it is winter in the northern hemisphere and vice versa. The days here are particularly long from the beginning of summer on June 21st – this day is also called the summer solstice. The days are getting shorter and shorter until the winter solstice on December 21st and 22nd. At this time, the days are particularly short and the nights are long. After that, however, more light reaches the earth again, so that the sunset in the following phase occurs later and later.

When it gets dark in summer or winter – if you want to know exactly, find out

In December, the sunset sometimes begins a few minutes before four o'clock. In June, on the other hand, you can enjoy the sunlight until half past nine. If you carefully follow the weather forecast, you can easily find out the specific time for sunset every day. A useful thing to plan daily activities!

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