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What types of lightning are there? – Enlightenment

What are the types of lightning? - Clarification

Who doesn't know it: It's been muggy all day, rain clouds are gathering, it's getting completely dark outside. They snuggle up in a warm blanket at home, open the window to listen to the sound of the pounding rain. That's when it really starts; first comes the lightning, then the deafening thunder. A fascinating natural spectacle, isn't it? But one thing is striking: not all lightning bolts look the same. What exactly is it all about? What types of flash are there?

Line flash

A Linear flash is the simplest form of flash. It is characterized by the fact that it has no branches. However, that doesn't automatically mean it's hurtling toward Earth in a straight line; it can still draw arcs or run in a zigzag pattern. The line flash is the most commonly used flash in this country.

Area flash

As the name suggests, the area flash fallsbecause it occupies a particularly large area. This can be traced back to numerous ramificationslead back. If the sky is illuminated over a large area, one can assume that it is this type of lightning. Because the clouds also serve as a reflection surface, the lightning bolts usually appear even more powerful than they really are. This flash often occurs as so-called sheet lightning, so that one can perceive the strong, glaring light in the sky, but not the associated thunder, since the distance is usually too great.

Beaded lightning

A Beaded Lightning occurs very rarely. The name comes from the fact that these are several luminous fragments that appear separated by a certain distance, but are still connected by a thin “thread”. So it looks like a string of pearls. How exactly these flashes occur has not yet been clarified. It is assumed that the lightning channel becomes unstable in some places, so that the lightning is only connected by a small string.

Spherical lightning

This phenomenon also occurs only extremely sporadically, which is why its existence is quite controversial. They shine longer than the other species and also have a completely different shape. It used to be called just the “big ball of fire”; they can glow in a wide variety of colors and suddenly dissolve again with a loud bang.

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