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What languages ​​are spoken in Ghana? – Enlightenment

What languages ​​are spoken in Ghana spoken? - Enlightenment

There are countless languages ​​and dialects in Ghana, so the official language is English. There are official languages ​​in Ghana, depending on classification, between 45 and 100. In the north of Ghana they speak of the Gur languages, in the south of the Kwa languages.

Languages ​​used in schools

Total nine different languages ​​are used in schools. These include: Akan, Dagaare-Wali, Dagbani, Dangme, Ewe, Ga,Gonja and Kasem.

The lingua franca of Ghana

Because Ghana was a British colony until 1957, English is the official lingua franca. English is therefore used in offices and also in newspapers. In Ghana, in addition to the official language English, there are three other languages ​​that are used as lingua francas. These are: in southern Ghana Akan, in northern and central Ghana Hausa and Fulfulde, in eastern Ghana Ewe and in western Ghana Mpore-Dagbani.

Reasons for the different number of languages

Depending on whether a certain language is seen as a dialect or as an independent language, the different perspectives also come about. Even the smallest languages, which have a total of only around 1000 speakers, are not counted. An example of this would be the language Animere. West Africa has an innumerable number of languages, some of these languages ​​are also spoken in Ghana. This includes, for example, Fulfulfde, the official language of the Fulbe. The different names for a certain language can also lead to confusion. For this there are parallel to the official name, proper names and Germanized terms. The Frafra spoken in the North is also called Nankani, Farefare, Gurune or Gurenne called.

The languages ​​of the peoples

The languages ​​of the peoples include up to 70 languages. These are the languages ​​of the individual peoples who live in Ghana. Many Ghanaians are fluent in several languages. In the case of the languages ​​of the peoples, the language usually has the same name as the people who speak it. The largest ethnic group in Ghana are the Akan, their language is also called Akan or Twi. In turn, there are several dialects in the language, the Akan belongs to the superordinate group of the Kwa languages. The Akan languages ​​have a uniform script, which consists of a mixture of phonetics and Latin letters. The language of commerce is Fante, which has many loan words from English. There is also a separate census in Fante. More than 50 recognized dialects, in which you can also take exams, are recognized in Ghana.

There are also around 200 different dialects, which are not officially recognized, but are spoken frequently. For example, understanding from village to village can be difficult when using very different dialects that can be seen as a separate language. These dialect languages ​​are often only spoken by a small group and are not officially counted. Nevertheless, this dialect is considered the language of communication for this ethnic group in a specific village. Therefore, the number of languages ​​also varies, depending on whether a minor language is officially counted as in a village or not.

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