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What is an inland lake? enlightenment

What is a lake? Reconnaissance

Terms are often used in the German language that appear very complicated at first glance. The concept of the inland lake is such. But what is an inland lake anyway and is it different from a normal lake? You can find the answers to these questions here.

What is an inland lake?

You may have heard the term inland water before. Such bodies of water are those that are not seas but are within a landmass. Rivers are inland waters on which inland navigation takes place. In addition to rivers, there are other inland waters. As you can already guess, the inland lakes also belong to the inland waters. Basically, an inland lake is a scenic depression in which a large amount of water has accumulated. The body of water is surrounded by land masses and has no direct connection to any of the world's oceans. The current must not be influenced by a sea.

Is there a difference between inland lakes and other lakes?

If you look at the world map, you will surely notice that there are hardly any lakes that have a direct connection to one of the seas. Since the term “inland lake” sounds unnecessarily complicated, these bodies of water are colloquially referred to as “lakes”. If you talk about a lake in your area, it is very likely that you always talk about an inland lake without knowing it.

Is every lake an inland lake?

In fact, there is now reason to believe that every lake will then be an inland lake. Unfortunately, this is only half the truth. If small lakes are close to seas and therefore contain salt water, brackish water is formed. Such a lake consequently has a direct exchange with the sea and is not completely separated from it. It is therefore not an inland lake. Such lakes can usually be found directly on the coast.

Are inland lakes important from an ecological perspective?

Since every lake is an independent habitat for flora and fauna, it should definitely be preserved. The humidity around the inland lakes is different than the rest of the mainland, creating its own microclimate. These unique environmental conditions enable many animals and plants to exist. They are perfectly adapted to these environmental conditions and benefit from them. In order to preserve this biodiversity, inland lakes should be respected and protected.

Where can you find inland lakes?

One of the largest and most well-known inland lakes is Lake Constance. It extends over many hundreds of square kilometers and enables people and animals to coexist. Other examples of inland lakes in Germany are Lake Schwerin, Lake Steinhude, Lake Chiemsee and Lake Starnberg. However, if you look out for them, you will come across smaller and larger inland lakes throughout Germany.

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