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What does martial law mean? – simple explanation

What does martial law mean? - simple Statement

Wars have been happening since the beginning of mankind and it doesn't look like this will ever change. However, what has changed over time is the way wars are fought and the consequences they bring. Bans on blinding weapons like mustard gas, napalm bombs, and laser weapons have significantly changed warfare. There is also the so-called martial law. But what exactly is it?

What does martial law mean?

Martial law is part of international law. There it is contractually stipulated exactly how all nations fighting each other in war have to behave. There are basically two types of martial law. On the one hand the right to war and on the other hand the right in war.
The right to war, also called aggressive war, is inadmissible and therefore no< /strong> war to be started.

The law of war, also called defensive war, allows the attacked nation to defend itself. However, the nation must abide by the signed conditions. This includes the use of weapons, the type of warfare and which groups of people and targets must not be harmed. The so-called preventive war is a special case. This is an exceptional case of aggressive war. For example, if one nation threatens another that it will launch an attack, the threatened nation can defend itself with an aggressive war. However, this is very controversial, since it is not possible to distinguish exactly when it is a preventive war or a war of aggression.

Martial law also stipulates that prisoners of war should be treated as humanas possible, no people may be held hostage and used as a means of political pressure, and civilians, i.e. people who do not belong to an army, may be held as prisoners.

What are the consequences of declaring martial law?< /h2>

Since the right to war, i.e. war of aggression, is not permitted, a defensive war normally prevails when martial law is declared. Its proclamation means in concrete terms that military control in a country is superior to civilian functionsare. According to this, the military can order the population to comply with restrictions or ordered obligations. This can include exit restrictions and a cessation of public life.

What happens if a nation does not follow these rules?

When a nation fails to abide by the treaty rules of martial law, there is a violation of international law. This is already present when a nation launches a war of aggression, which has been prohibited by law since 1928. Violations of the laws of war include violating the prohibition of force, the detention of civilians, and the torture, kidnapping and inhumane treatment of prisoners of war. As already mentioned, this also includes the use of prohibited weapons. In these cases, the so-called “UN Charter” is used.

This is the constitution of the United Nations and determines how war crimes are punished. It is also part of the International Court of Justice. War crimes committed by states are punished with sanctions. These mostly take the form of travel bans and import and export bans to weaken the nation and send a non-violent signal to its leadership. The signal should be non-tolerance of war crimes. Import and export bans weaken the economy and thus the prosperity of a country, should induce the government to rethink. Travel bans are intended to create displeasure within the population towards their own government.

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