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What are forest aisles? – Enlightenment, example

What are forest aisles? - Clarification, Example

Long tree-free alleys that run through forests are called aisles. Since the wind blows unchecked through these aisles, they are known to motorists above all for strong crosswinds. In addition, forest aisles, if they have been created artificially, also have an infrastructural benefit or serve as a protective measure and habitat for many animals and plants. Some aisles, on the other hand, are the result of natural processes.

Naturally formed forest aisles

When a storm or tornado sweeps through a forest, it is called a storm lane: the trees are knocked down, mostly in a straight line. Avalanches can also carve such alleys through the forests. Since, unlike the artificially created ones, they are not cleared, the forests are cleared of windblown wood and cleaned up after such natural influences.

This is necessary, among other things, to prevent pest infestation by bark beetles. This creates space for something new, the forest can recover and grow again. New tree species that are more climate-resistant are also planted, for example in the Bern Forest.

Artificial forest aisles

The clearing of lanes through the forest is accepted for the construction of power lines, paths and roads, cable cars, for demarcation and the timber industry. Since the awareness of the preservation of valuable habitats and the intervention of humans in nature has grown in the meantime, a careful and sustainable approach is insisted on. Aisles must not run through biotopes worthy of protection, but should bypass them. In addition, the measures must be limited to the required level. Compensatory and replacement measures such as afforestation can be carried out elsewhere.

Before clearing takes place, extensive planning and environmental impact assessments are made. Protests by the local population and nature conservationists also call for compromises and proposed solutions. The Thuringian Forest offers an example of this.

Since power lines must be free of vegetation, the aisles are regularly maintained and any growing vegetation removed. More sustainable processes are also used here; the aisles are no longer mulched down to the ground, but bushes are left up to a certain height.

Lines that are higher are more advantageous in this sense than lines that are low, but they often lead to protests because of the change in the landscape. Aisles can often even represent an enrichment for biodiversity if they are cared for in an environmentally friendly manner. The construction measures are more problematic, as they are initially characterized by noise pollution and the destruction of the vegetation, the soil and the small animals that live in it.

Further forest aisles still exist today due to the former course of the inner-German border and other demarcations with neighboring countries.
The so-called skid trails or skid lanes also contribute to the formation of forest aisles. They are used for forestry operations to transport felled trees to paved roads. While horses were used for this in the past, the back roads are now necessary for modern machines and vehicles.

Forest aisles for fire protection

Fire protection is an important function of forest aisles. Since the combustible material, i.e. trees as well as Bushes, several meters away, the fire in a forest fire cannot spread beyond this strip or only to a limited extent.

Firebreaks thus form an effective barrier and are used primarily in areas with a high risk of forest fires to protect the surrounding forests and settlements. This method can also be used to actively fight a fire that has already broken out. Other firebreaks are rivers, mountain ridges and broad roads.

An example of this type of fire prevention is the fire protection corridor around the Ruppiner Heide. The former bomb site is surrounded by other forests and villages. Should a fire break out within the heath, it would be difficult for it to spread across the aisle.

Forest aisles – danger or habitat for flora and fauna?

As already described, the clearing of Aisles through the forest is an intervention in the ecosystem, which in the first instance goes hand in hand with the destruction of what already exists. As soon as infrastructural measures are taken, further hazards arise, whether from power lines that birds collide with and from which animals are deterred, or roads whose traffic poses a potential risk. Aisles also represent barriers for animal species in the dense forest, which limits their habitat.

Since there are already many aisles, it is particularly important to keep them as usable and environmentally friendly as possible through appropriate management. They provide ecological niches for flora that would not be able to establish themselves in forested areas and animals that thrive in lower vegetation under warmer and lighter conditions. This includes, for example, the sand lizard.

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