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UN & UNO – what is the difference?

UN & UNO - what is the difference?

The United Nations is a globally active organization that was founded after the Second World War. This is directly or through its many sub-organizations for peace in the worlda. We like to use two abbreviations in German-speaking countries, UN and UNO. How these abbreviations are composed and which of them is correct is presented in this article. There is also a brief overview of the history and current situation of the United Nations.

Explanation of terms

First of all, it should be said that both abbreviations are actually equally correctare. UN stands for “United Nations”, i.e. the English term for the United Nations. When you say UNO, it simply means “United Nations Organization”. The aspect that it is an organization was also covered. However, it is not important to mention it. However, based on the German term, the abbreviation VN is rarely used. The words UN and UNO can be used in everyday life without further problems. Both refer to the same thing, namely the worldwide organization of the United Nations.

History of the UN/UNO

Already after the First World War, there were desires on the part of some countries to set up a worldwide organization for peace. At that time, however, these wishes have not yet become reality, as there were further disputes. Only after a second devastating war was the United Nations founded. On 24. October 1945 the 51 founding states sat down and signed the treaty. The lively participation of more than 50 countries at that time showed that there was a great desire for world peace.

The UN itself is not responsible for introducing and officially enforcing certain laws. It is merely an apparatus for helping weaker countries in need, and especially the to uphold international and human rights. Right from the start, a kind of plan, or charter, was drawn up, which the UN still follows today. The main four points are:

  1. maintain world peace
  2. strengthen peaceful and friendly relations between countries
  3. international cooperation and promote human rights
  4. be a guideline for problem solving

Over the past 70 years, the influence of the UN has greatly expanded. In addition, more and more states have joined the federal government. However, accession can only be guaranteed if the charter is also observed. Human rights in particular are an important issue for the United Nations. The newest member states are South Sudan (2011), Montenegro (2006) and Switzerland (2002). Anyone can join if both sides come to an agreement and the charter is signed.

The United Nations today

Today there are 193 countriesalmost every country in the world is represented in the UN. The head office is in Manhattan, New York. The UN has many different areas of operation. It intervenes in the event of violations of human rights, international conflicts or crises. It supports countries after natural disasters and also takes care of further training in weaker countries.

Not only is the UN itself active in this, but has also had many different sub-organizations since 1945founded. The best known of these is probably UNICEF, the children's charity specializing in the peace and safety of children around the world. Families, education, nutrition and health come first. These things are not always the case in many member states of the UN either. However, UNICEF helps to implement these goals.

Other organizations are, for example, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), UNITAR (United Nations Training and Research Institute) or the WHO (World Health Organization). Each of these special units is based in a different country. Not every country of the UN is equally represented in the sub-organizations. Nevertheless, it shows how far-reaching the influence of the United Nations is today. Especially in current times of crisis, the UN is extremely important to avoid escalating global conflicts and find peaceful solutions.

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