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The Zip code system in NY and why over 40 skyscrapers have their own

During the week, around 4 million people are in Manhattan during the day – an island that is only 60km2 in size. With this amount of people, the task of getting vast amounts of mail to where it is expected is correspondingly monumental. The United States Postal Service (USPS) uses 5-digit postal codes, called ‘Zip Codes’ in the USA. The first digit of a U.S. Zip Code designates the state (New York shares “1” with Pennsylvania and Delaware), the next two digits designate the regional distribution station from which mail is further delivered. The last two digits represent a specific area of the city (my own Zip Code is 10029, for example). Zip codes can cover entire mid-sized cities in the U.S., and can also cover entire neighborhoods in New York.

which building has its own zip code in NY

However, there are over 40 buildings in Manhattan with their own Zip Code – all office buildings. Why these skyscrapers have their own Zip Codes cannot be said with certainty. One factor is probably the size or number of people working in such a building, or its economic importance. However, this rule often does not apply. One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the city, does not have its own Zip Code, but the much smaller Chanin Building, for example, does. Since you usually have to apply for your own Zip Code, the intensity of the desire for it among building owners and their willingness to pay money certainly plays a role. The USPS is apparently not averse to promotions either. The shoe department of the upscale department store Saks Fifth Avenue got its own Zip Code as a marketing gag that is used in promotions.


Building With its Own Zip Code

Here is a list of buildings with their own zip code.

  • 55 Water St. (10041)
  • Park Avenue Plaza, 55 E. 52nd St. (10055)
  • 666 Fifth Ave. (10103)
  • 1290 Avenue of the Americas (10104)
  • Alliance Bernstein Building, 1345 Avenue of the Americas (10105)
  • 888 Seventh Ave. (10106)
  • 250 W. 57th St. (10107)
  • 500 Fifth Ave. (10110)
  • 45 Rockefeller Center (10111)
  • 30 Rockefeller Center (10112)
  • 475 Riverside Dr. (10115)
  • Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Ave. (10118)
  • 1 Penn Plaza (10119)
  • 112 W. 34th St. (10120)
  • 2 Penn Plaza (10121)
  • 225 W. 34th St. (10122)
  • 745 Fifth Ave. (10151)
  • Seagram Building, 375 Park Ave. (10152)
  • General Motors Building, 767 Fifth Ave. (10153)
  • 345 Park Ave. (10154)
  • 964 Third Ave. (10155)
  • 605 Third Ave. (10158)
  • 500 E. 77th St. (10162)
  • One Grand Central Place, 60 E. 42nd St. (10165)
  • Metlife Building, 200 Park Ave. (10166)
  • 245 Park Ave. (10167)
  • Chanin Building, 122 E. 42nd St. (10168)
  • Helmsley Building 230 Park Ave. (10169)
  • 420 Lexington Ave. (10170)
  • 299 Park Ave. (10171)
  • 277 Park Ave. (10172)
  • 355 Madison Ave. (10173)
  • Chrysler Building, 405 Lexington Ave. (10174)
  • 521 Fifth Ave. (10175)
  • Fred F. French Building, 551 Fifth Ave. (10176)
  • 250 Park Ave. (10177)
  • 101 Park Ave. (10178)
  • Equitable Life Building, 120 Broadway (10271)
  • 26 Federal Plaza (10278)
  • Woolworth Building, 233 Broadway (10279).

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