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Sitting on the balcony during a thunderstorm – dangerous?

On the balcony during a thunderstorm sit - dangerous?

There are myths that can be disproved by facts and there are facts that remain facts even if they are doubted. It's the same with thunderstorms. There are many myths about it. What to do and how and under a tree or not at all. Both opinions are represented with vehemence. And how about the balcony? Can you stand on it during a thunderstorm and watch the natural spectacle?

What is a thunderstorm?

A thunderstorm is a storm caused by static charges. Cold and warm air combine, air masses with small particles rub against each other and then the same thing happens as when you slide your socks on a carpet. Electricity charges itself and then eventually has to discharge itself. This discharge is known as lightning and can be incredibly energetic and hot. People are easily killed and burned, and fires are started from roofs and trees. A force of nature that should not be underestimated, which you can admire, but you shouldn't take any wrong advice.

How safe is the balcony?

If you're standing on a balcony, you shouldn't be able to get struck by lightning yourself. A lightning rod and the roof would catch it before it could get you. But you can never be 100% sure! You shouldn't risk that either, because lightning can travel up to 15 kilometers across the country.

The biggest danger is not getting hit yourself. As already mentioned, lightning has incredible power. It is one of nature's most powerful sources of energy and has killed many people and destroyed things. Just imagine there is a tree in front of the balcony. Who says lightning doesn't strike this tree? And then it can get very hot very quickly, the tree can literally explode and hot and glowing splinters of wood can get you. Do you want to risk that? It may not be likely, but when it does happen, there's almost no way you can get away and duck because it would all happen far too quickly.

Other tips for thunderstorms

When dealing with a thunderstorm, there is one rule to follow. Also in the city. The 30/30 rule. If you notice 30 seconds or less between thunder and lightning, you should take cover and 30 minutes after the last thunder it's safe again. It's a simple rule, easy to follow, that can really save lives. You don't have to and shouldn't mess with nature, because when in doubt, nature is stronger than you are and doesn't take you into account just because you were so careless.


You probably won't get hit on your balcony, but with lightning and its natural electrical power, it's enough if it strikes nearby. That's the shock of life and you shouldn't do it to yourself. Better to retreat to the apartment and let the storm rage. It will be over sooner than you think.

You should also remember and apply the 30/30 rule. Better a little more caution than too little. Because even in technical and digital times we do not control nature and natural forces such as thunderstorms have lost none of their danger. There was a reason our ancestors took shelter once nature showed her violent face and attributed it to gods. It's a force not to be messed with and while it's unrealistic for it to get you, if it happens you're doomed because all it takes is being struck by lightning once and that's it Life is over because the body does not know how to cope with such an electrical force, which contains the multiple force of a socket.

Better be careful, prefer to look at nature and the tremendous beauty from afar, then you have nothing to regret and it doesn't take anything away from the beauty of a thunderstorm. Reason is needed here and myths should always be enlightened in order to realize whether they are really dangerous or not.

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