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warum hatte japan die usa nicht russland angegriffen aufklaumlrung f5e2ca9

Why did Japan attack the US and not Russia? – Enlightenment

There is much speculation and myth and question about WWII. But a lot can be deduced if you know and explain the background. Everything is interconnected and almost…

warum hat die nato serbien angegriffen aufklaumlrung 9f02201

Why did NATO attack Serbia? – Enlightenment

What is NATO? NATO is an abbreviation for the English term “North Atlantic Treaty Organization”. In German the “Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty” or the “North Atlantic…

warum war bonn die hauptstadt der brd aufklaumlrung d1ea3da

Why was Bonn the capital of the FRG? – Enlightenment

After the Second World War, Berlin was no longer justifiable as the German capital. West Berlin had achieved island status through the Soviet occupation zone and the GDR,…

warum hat hannibal rom nicht angegriffen aufklaumlrung 09f116d

Why didn't Hannibal attack Rome? – Enlightenment

In the year 218, a war broke out between the great powers Carthage and Rome. The army leader Hannibal used elephants for his campaign for the first time….

warum hat sich die udssr aufgeloumlst aufklaumlrung 9391f0b

Why did the USSR dissolve? – Enlightenment

The USSR, i.e. the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or simply called the Soviet Union for short, was founded by the Bolsheviks on December 30, 1922. As a…

warum waren kohle stahl nach dem krieg so wichtig aufklaumlrung c01a436

Why were coal & steel so important after the war? – Enlightenment

Even before the First World War, Germany had been able to establish itself as an industrial nation, and after the end of the German Empire it was a…

warum waren die russen in afghanistan aufklaumlrung 6375e96

Why were the Russians in Afghanistan? – Enlightenment

On 25. December 1979 Russian troops entered Afghanistan. Airplanes unloaded soldiers at Kabul airport while tank troops crossed the border into Uzbekistan, then a Soviet republic. But what…

warum hat frankreich atomwaffen aufklaumlrung 226e9aa

Why does France have nuclear weapons? – Enlightenment

In addition to the USA, Russia, Great Britain and the People's Republic of China, as well as India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea, France is also one of…

warum hat kurdistan kein land aufklaumlrung 0f0d582

Why does Kurdistan have no country? – Enlightenment

Kurdistan is the largest stateless ethnic group in the world. As it is not a sovereign state, it cannot be shown on a map. It is estimated that…

warum hat napoleon russland angegriffen aufklaumlrung 94ce44d

Why did Napoleon attack Russia? – Enlightenment

Napoleon's attack on Russia took place in 1812 as part of the Napoleonic Wars. The reason for Napoleon's invasion of the Tsarist Empire of the time was Russia's…