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National & international – what is the difference & importance

National & International - what is the difference & meaning

There are words and terms that you hear again and again and that you understand “somehow”, but which sometimes you are not quite sure what they actually mean “really” and in detail. You must feel like that sometimes, right?! The terms “national” and “international” may also fall into this category. We encounter them very often – for example, when we hear the news or read an article on the internet or in the newspaper – and then we take them for granted without giving it much thought. But do we really know what is behind the terms “national” and “international” or is there perhaps still some need for clarification in this regard?! If this is the case for you, then please read on now! After that, you will definitely be a whole lot smarter than before!:-)

National & international: Sounds similar – but it's completely different!

Here the small prefix “inter” (comes from Latin and means translated into German as much as “between”) the big difference. While the term “national“ – which after all (easily recognizable) has a clear “relationship” to the word “nation” – the term “international” refers to everything that happens within the borders of a single country. in turn to things, events and relationships that take place between different countries and their people. And of course – as you can imagine – that can be anything: There are international flights as well as international relationships.

There are also international sporting events – just think of the European or world championships in soccer (and of course in many other sports too) or the Olympic summer and winter games – or international encounters between schoolchildren or students from different countries. It is always about exchange and encounters and about overcoming borders – both “real” ones and those that only exist in our heads. And this concern is (at least) as important today as it was hundreds of years ago!

National & International: It's the differences that count!

We all know the national team – especially in football, but of course also in various other sports – and a term like “national hero”. This is usually used to describe someone who has done something special or who is committed to the interests of the respective nationmade strong. This can be a soccer player, a pop star or, of course, a politician. These people are seen as idols or role models and represent what makes the nation.

But we all have a certain idea of ​​and an interest in what is commonly referred to as “international”. We think “outside the box” and want to know exactly what is happening in other parts of the world. We are interested in what other people do and experience and share in their joys, but also in their sorrows and sorrows. It's becoming particularly clear these days: the whole world is looking – with horror and compassion – at what is happening in Ukraine. And it really doesn't make any difference where you live or what nationality you have. The opposite is the case: now is the time for the international community of states. It's about cohesion and solidarity for the weak and about a strong, common appearance against the aggressor.

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