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Lightning without thunder – explanation of the natural phenomenon

Lightning without thunder - explanation of the natural phenomenon

Thunder follows lightning, as many children have been taught. Lightning light travels faster than thunder, so lightning is the first to be seen. If you count the seconds until thunder, you can calculate the actual distance of the thunderstorm. Surely you have watched a thunderstorm and noticed lightning without thunder. There are meteorological explanations on this topic, but also further information, because people have long been able to influence the weather with innovative technologies and weather weapons.

Lightning without thunder explained from a meteorological point of view

According to the meteorologists, lightning without thunder is not uncommon and can appear, for example, as so-called “sheet lightning”. This is a natural spectacle in which the lightning is reflected by the surrounding clouds. The light refracts in the water and crystal particles that make up the clouds, and it is possible that this electrical discharge also refracts within the cloud. You can see the lightning in this case, but you may not see thunder because the storm is too far away. From a distance of 25 km you can only hear a dull rumbling. If the thunderstorm is further away, you will see the electrical discharge but will not hear the thunder.

Lightning without thunder, what else could that mean?

Videos repeatedly appear in social media networks that indicate unnatural weather phenomena in the sky. The atmosphere appears to be charged, with purple lightning flashing across the sky, often without thunder to follow. Heavy storms follow, heavy rains with floods, earthquakes and the like have been associated with the striking light reflections in the sky.
It is now known that weather systems such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) can trigger severe storms. The invention, which would not have been possible without the preliminary work of Serbian-American researcher Nicola Tesla, has been further developed over time and is now able to influence the weather, magnetic fields and atmosphere. The HAARP project aims to transfer billions of watts to the ionosphere. By heating the ionosphere, radio carrier waves can be focused on the planet's surface. This method is used especially for military purposes. Eyewitnesses report how the sky burns and is almost on fire. Anyone who has often observed thunderstorms will immediately recognize that this is not a natural phenomenon.

Conclusion: sheet lightning or not, you should get to safety as soon as possible

If If you are outdoors when there is lightning, your life is in danger and you should seek shelter quickly. Don't stand under a tree, even if you may remember the saying “Oaks you should give way and you have to look for beeches” from your grandmother. Avoid touching metal objects and seek shelter in a car or building, which form a sort of Faraday protective cage. If you are in the open field, it is best to lie flat on the ground or find a ditch to lie down in. Lightning usually strikes higher objects.

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