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How does fog form & what is fog? – easy explanation

How is fog created & what is fog? - easy explanation

If you look out of the window, especially on autumn days, you can sometimes see almost nothing at all. The reason: fog. It looks like we're enveloped in a gray cloud.

What is fog?

Just like clouds, fog consists of many small water droplets. The biggest and only difference is that clouds are in the sky and fog is on the ground.

How is it formed?

Especially when the days are still warm and the nights are cold and long, fog can occur. The heat of the sun causes the water to evaporate during the day. Since it is colder again at night, the air cools down considerably. The previously evaporated water, which is present as water vapor in the air, condenses. That means it becomes liquid again. As a result, very small water droplets form in the air, which we then perceive as fog. what-is-fog-light-erklaumlrung-0905ada.jpg” alt=”How does fog form & what is fog? – easy explanation” />

On some days the fog is denser than on others. That has to do with the temperature. The colder it is at night, the more the air cools. Less water vapor fits into cold air and it makes it appear denser.

During the morning the sun warms the air again. This causes the water droplets to evaporate again and become invisible to our eyes.

Dangerous or useful?

Fog can be very dangerous when driving. In heavy fog, the driver can sometimes not see the road and can therefore stray more easily from the road. For this reason, you should turn on the rear fog lights in fog. Other obstacles can also only be recognized later through the fog, when it is often too late to avoid them safely. It is therefore particularly important not to drive too fast and to be particularly careful.

But the fog is not always dangerous or harmful. Some countries also use the fog to obtain drinking water for the population. Here they use a grid with very small holes to filter the water out of the fog. Since the water droplets settle on the grid, large quantities of drinking water can be obtained, depending on the density of the fog.

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