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Great White Shark in the North Sea/Baltic Sea? – where he lives

Weißer Shark in the North Sea/Baltic Sea? - where it lives

The Great White Shark is considered a cosmopolitan creature. It finds its home in all tropical and subtropical oceans, but primarily in the temperate latitudes. The warm Gulf Stream ensures that it reaches the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea. However, the Baltic Sea does not provide optimal living conditions for him.

Shark sightings in German waters: yes, they happen!

First of all, you can be sure that reports of sightings of large sharks in the North Sea are correct. However, it will rarely be a question of great white sharks, even if it is often portrayed as such. This is due to the fact that they are rarely found even in their home waters. Man hunted them so relentlessly that they are now under protection. Most basing sharks are located. They are common in the North Sea, but appear very rarely. This is how the sighting becomes an event. The second largest fish after the Whale Sharkbecomes between six and nine meters long. It filters plankton out of the water with its huge mouth.

From time to time, great sharks are presumably sighted in the North Sea. Most recently there were reports from Föhr and Amrum. Water sports enthusiasts in particular are afraid that the big hunter could become a permanent danger. Officially, however, the topic is hardly dealt with and dismissed with the term “rarity value”.

Environmental conditions drive sharks

Around 2010, great white sharks were first sighted in the North Sea. Since then there have been more and more shark alerts off the coast. The Jaws came up quite often. It is believed to have been drawn from the Arctic to the North Sea via the warm Gulf Stream. Overfishing of the world's oceans is also forcing sharks to abandon deep waters and increasingly seek their prey closer to shore. So it's just the survival instinct, who drives the animals into the North Sea. It is also possible that the increasing amount of plastic waste is disrupting the predators' proven migration routes and that they are lost on the North Sea coast due to a disorientation. As a result, it would only be a matter of time before the great white shark also made its home in the colder Baltic Sea. However, the fact that the Baltic Sea is only connected to the open oceans by small water bridges plays a role here. The possibility for the animals to get into the Baltic Sea through the Skagerrak and Kattegat is not very likely.

Shark attacks are unlikely

However, shark attacks like in the film are unlikely in the near future expect. The imagination still plays an oversized role, even though a basking shark was sighted off the island of Sylt in 2016. Sharks are considered to be shy animals and usually rarely appear near the beach.

The future will be exciting. Are Great White Sharks Being Sighted Increasingly? How far does the water warm up? It remains worthwhile following reports of shark sightings.

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