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Funny City Country River Categories – List

Funny city country river categories - list

One of the most famous games in Germany, which is very popular with both children and adults, is 'Stadt, Land, Fluss'. It doesn't take that much for the game. Most create their own table with the categories and you're good to go! Everyone has probably already noticed that the categories can also be completely different and thus provide some fun. In addition to the classic variant, you will find some suggestions for individual, alternative ideas here. A fun evening of games is guaranteed!

City, country, river with a difference!

Of course, the classic is tried and tested! The typical and well-known categories will probably never get boring. As soon as a letter has been determined, the round can begin and each player tries to fill in the table with suitable terms as quickly as possible. Most of them know the game from their childhood, but it is still fun today. There are now numerous adaptations of the game rules and categories that couldn't be more creative. Here we present the funniest and most unusual category ideas that will make every party unforgettable!

Stars, starlets and co.

Anyone who regularly follows their favorite celebrities, gets the news about stars and starlets, and maybe even subscribes to one or the other singer, actor, artist, etc. on social media can really cash in on this list! This is about famous people. In addition to actors, singers and bands, artists, politicians, designers or other well-known personalities can also be named. These should be determined beforehand. It may also be restricted to certain countries, regions and years.
Note: It is essential to clarify beforehand whether the first or last name should be noted.

Food, dishes and drinks

This is a well-known category that is used frequently. However, some changes and tweaks can be made to make it more exciting. Vegan and vegetarian food can be noted, spices, types of fruit or vegetables, types of ice cream, pizza or tea and other drinks. The category “Things I don't like to eat” is also exciting.

City, country, river for children

Even if many children already know some cities, countries or rivers, it can still be more difficult for them to fill in the table. Under time pressure, this can also lead to inhibitions. Hence the tip: Simply a version suitable for childrencreate. Categories could include the following: fairy tales, films, toys, series on children's channels, favorite candy, dog breed, etc. But children should never be underestimated. They will surely surprise some adults with one or the other term.

The party version for over 18

Games are also very popular at parties. Everyone is in a good mood, has a drink in hand and wants to play a little game in the group. However, normal, classic games like to be pimped up a bit. This can also be ideally transferred to the game 'City, Country, River'. How about a version of the game for adultswho want to have fun? The categories can be very diverse here. From swear words and insults, to youthful sins and embarrassing experiences, to porn titles, reasons for separation or sex positions. There will definitely be a laugh or two and make the evening unforgettable.

Nature lovers

Since there are no limits to creativity, there can also be a category especially for nature lovers. Here you will find different categories related to animals, plants, insects and Co. The following variants could be used here: types of fish, disgusting animals, favorite animal, animals you are afraid of, types of mushrooms, types of trees, animals from Africa/Asia, marine animals, insects.

In summary, it can be said that the possibilities for other categories in the game City, Country, River are numerous and varied. All categories can be replaced by new ones, or only some are exchanged or supplemented. Choosing a specific topic, as described above, is also possible and very popular.

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