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Does the cave from Sanctum in Papua New Guinea really exist?

Does the Sanctum Cave in Papua New Guinea Really Exist?

Many know the film by James Cameron – “Sanctum”. And everyone who saw it was probably very impressed by a cave entrance. This cave or the film takes place in Papua New Guinea and since then many people have been wondering whether the cave really exists and whether it can be visited? Can you do it on your own?

There is no cave

First of all, there is rather bad news: the cave that can be seen in the film does not exist in this form. But there are many similar versions of it that are definitely worth checking out too.

The entire story is based on true stories and memories that have been filmed. However, what is shown is not always reality. This is best seen at Sanctum now. The film wasn't even shot in Papua New Guinea, but in Australia. The film was partially animated.

Where are there similar caves?

If these pools impress you should head to Mexico. In the Caribbean Sea there are some of these caves that were seen in the film and maybe there will be someone there who can show you them up close.
In addition to the famous cave from Sanctum, there are other supposed caves that we know from various horror or action films. Here are some that we also know from the movies and that maybe even really exist.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Shansa's Cave

We know the cave “Shansa's Cave” from the action fantasy comedy “Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle of the Tides”. In the film, the cave is on a hidden island that no one has found yet. According to legend, the witch Shansa lived on the island during a war, which is said to be home to vast amounts of gold and jewellery. But how does it look in reality? Does the cave really exist or was it just cement and plaster walls? Unfortunately, the latter corresponds to reality here. The cave never existed in reality and was built as a backdrop for the shoot.

The Cave: Tham Luang Cave

The Cave is a thriller film directed by Tom Waller and premiered in 2019. The film is about a football team consisting of twelve children between the ages of twelve and 16 who are stuck in a cave with their coach and have to wait for help. Meanwhile, a huge rescue team is trying to get the group safely out of the dangerous cave, which turns into an exciting race against time. The special thing about the film: the cave really exists! The ten-kilometer-long cave system is located in the mountain range of the Doi-Nag-Non mountains in the province of Chiang Rai (near Bangkok) and is still partly unexplored to this day. The film was shot in various caves, with some shots actually being taken at the entrance to Tham Luang Cave.

The Catacombs from the film Catacombs (2014)

The film with the original English title “as above, so below” is about a psychologist who tries to find the “stone of the white” and descends into the Parisian catacombs. In search of the stone that is said to bring about eternal youth, the team around the psychologist gets lost in the tunnels. In order to convey the atmosphere of the film even better, the shots were actually taken in the catacombs in France. Those who are interested can even visit them. But beware! In any case, it should be noted that you should only do this with an experienced cave guide who knows the catacombs well, otherwise the danger of getting lost is immense.

The cave is over : “The Height – The Gateway to Another Time”

A high school teacher who has been searching for his missing family for several years comes across strange things in a cave that he cannot explain can. He embarks on a reconnaissance tour and disappears without a trace. As his students go in search of him, they notice that something doesn't seem quite right about the time in the cave. As mysterious as the cave seems to be in the film, it unfortunately doesn't exist in reality. Most of it was shot in the studio on green screens or various outdoor locations.

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