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Does Russia belong to Europe or to Asia? – Enlightenment

Belongs Russia to Europe or to Asia? - Enlightenment

With an area of ​​about 17 million square kilometers, Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area. It is inhabited by 144.5 million people and spans 11 time zones. But to which continent does this huge country actually belong? This guide provides information.

Where is the border between Europe and Asia?

The border between Asia and Europe is not clearly defined. In general, a distance with the total length of 5524 kilometers is set as the border of the two continents.
The Ural Mountains form the Russian part of this border between Europe and Asia. The areas to the east of the mountains belong to Asia, those to the west of them to Europe. This border is about 2000 kilometers long.

What are the arguments that Russia belongs to Asia?

The size of the Asian part of Russia compared to the European part speaks for Russia's belonging to Asia. Russia consists mainly of eight large landscapes. Only one of them, the East European Plain, is located west of the Ural Mountains and is therefore part of Europe. The other large landscapes are part of Asia. A total of 77 percent of Russia's land area is in the Asian part.

What are the arguments for locating Russia in Europe?

One of the reasons for locating Russia in Europe is its population justified. This is how 85 percent of Russians live in the European part of Russia.
On the other hand, cultural speakand historic reasons for including Russia as part of Europe. Throughout history, Russia has always been a formative force in European history. Russian monarchs such as Peter the Great or writers such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky have had a significant influence on the cultural development of Europe.

As a great power, Russia was involved in many wars in Europe. Together with Prussia, it defeated Napoleon Bonaparte and drove the French out of occupied Germany. It was also in Russia that the European ideology of Marxism prevailed as a result of the Russian Revolution, led to the founding of the Soviet Union and thus laid the foundation for the Cold War most Russians belong to and which Russia has in common with most European nations.
So it is part of the Western-European canons of values.

There are good arguments for Russia belonging both to Asia and to Europe. Another possible answer may surprise you:
Russia belongs to both continents.
Because: Europe and Asia are on the same continental plate. From a geological point of view, they form the common continent Eurasia. The separation of the two continents is historical and based on the world view of ancient Greece.

There are three different answers depending on the question:

  • 1. Geographically, Russia has both a European and an Asian part. However, most of Russia is in Asia.
  • 2. From a historical and cultural point of view, Russia belongs to Europe.
  • 3. The division into Asia and Europe has historical and cultural reasons. From a geological point of view, Russia is located on the continent of Eurasia.

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