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Cover sheet for the geography folder – ideas what to put on it

Cover sheet for the geography folder - ideas what to put on it

Pupils have to hand in their portfolios in certain subjects several times a year. The portfolios will be evaluated and included in the grade of the certificate. Anyone who is shaky between two grades can collect points and improve with a neat and nicely designed portfolio. Good ideas for the cover sheet design of the geography folder are based on the thematic content of the lesson. A creative cover sheet for the geography portfolio increases the chance of getting a better grade, so it is worth investing a little more time.

What is a cover sheet for the geography portfolio?

The cover sheet is the first sheet in the portfolio and particularly important for the first impression. The cover sheet usually has the class, the name of the studentand his creative ideas. The cover sheet is intended to inform the reader of what to expect from this compilation and provides information about which subject areas were dealt with in class. The cover sheet is followed by the table of contents, which includes the heading of the topics covered and lists each sheet numbered and dated.

What ideas are suitable for the cover sheet in the geography folder?

< p>It is important that the student has the picks up on the topic of the lesson and graphically depicts what the geography folder is about. If you want to design a general cover sheet, you can depict the globe or draw a world map. If you want to put in more effort, you can go through the topics of the lesson again and decide on one or more topics that were covered in the lesson.

These ideas, listed by topic, are good for the cover of the geography folder:

  • Topic Mountains: Mountain panorama, print out well-known mountains and stick them on, e.g. Matterhorn, Zugspitze, Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest
  • Theme rivers and lakes: draw your own lake landscape, stick on a copy of Niagara Falls, map of Germany with river landscape
  • Theme Latitudes– Longitudes: Draw the globe and draw latitude or longitude
  • Theme Tides: Coastal landscape, sea and waves (approaching tide), mudflats and animals living there (low tide)
  • Theme Continents: Painting the world map and continents
  • Theme volcanism: Volcanic landscape draw, fire-breathing volcano e.g. with pyroclastic flow
  • Topic weather: Draw different weather phenomena e.g. lightning, hail, hurricane or tornado
  • Topic Northern Germany: moor landscape, well-known sights e.g. Marienburg Castle
  • Topic Climate and climate change: draw a flooded city, a desert landscape or a city destroyed by a tornado

Conclusion: You can draw the right cover sheet for the geography folder for every topic

There are no limits to your creativity if you look at the cover sheet design of the geography folder. Crayons, old magazines and newspapers, a glue stick and scissors are part of the basic equipment. Before you dare to start designing, you should either choose a topic from the portfolio or try to pick up several topics in one picture. You can also cut out pictures from magazines, make a collage or use old postcards for the cover design. Photos of famous sights or well-known landscapes are good for the geography folder and enhance the cover page. Frame your cover sheet in color and give the painting or handicraft more structure and linearity. Don't forget to write the name and class on the cover sheet.

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