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Convert scale 1: 1000 – instructions

Scale 1: convert 1000 - instructions

The scale conversion is useful in many situations. It also makes sense to be able to use this option yourself. Anyone who wants to move into a new apartment has a real advantage. In this way, it is very easy to adapt the existing furniture to the floor plan of the apartment. Even before moving in, it is clear whether, for example, your favorite wardrobe will fit on a certain wall.

Scale 1: 1000:

The scale indicates the relationship in which an object is represented to reality. Since no units of measurement are specified in the heading, 1 : 1000 simply means that one part of a representation corresponds to 1000 parts of reality. If the specification is provided with units, e.g. 1 cm of the display becomes 1000 cmin reality, or 1 cm becomes 100,000 cm, i.e. 1 km. In order to understand the conversion, the different units are given.


If the scale 1 : 1000 is specified for a map, then the distance is shown on the map multiplied by 1000. The result of the calculation then shows the reality. The centimeter on the plan becomes 1000 cm in reality. When distances are measured on a map, the result must always be multiplied by 1000will. Some site maps are given at this scale. If you want to find your way through a museum or castle, you can use it to recognize individual details very well.
If a plan is to be made with this scale, the measured sizes must be divided by 1000. become. A 100 meter path consists of 10,000 cm. This number divided by 1000 corresponds to 10 cm on the plan.


When depicting the globethe scale depends on the selected size of the object. If a sphere has a diameter of only 11 cm, the scale becomes 1 : 116,000,000chosen. The distance of one millimeter on the globe corresponds to 116,000,000 millimeters in reality. 116,000,000mm = 11,600,000cm = 116,000m = 116km. On such a small specimen, many details are no longer recognizable. Many small states are already disproportionately enlarged by a point. A size on which the various countries can be identified is given with a diameter of 40 cm. The ratio is now 1 : 31,000,000. Compared to the small globe, one millimeter is now 31,000,000 mm = 3,100,000 cm = 31,000 m = 31 km. Smaller archipelagos and countries can now also be represented with this unit.

Apartment floor plans:

Even children want to set up a new roomhappy to help. Arriving at the furniture store, the various wishes are then expressed. Now it will be important to imagine this furniture in the real room. These furniture stores present the individual pieces in high halls. This makes the individual products appear much smaller. The children who already understand how scale conversion works now have an advantage. First, the respective product is precisely measured. For example, the new loft bed is 1, 40 m wide, 2.05 m long and 1.80 m high. One meter corresponds to 5 centimeters in the prepared floor plan. Each centimeter has to be divided by 20. On paper, the bed is now 7 cm wide and 10.25 cm long. The height of the room should be known. Now the new bed can be drawn to scale on a piece of paper and cut out. The bed is then placed in the desired place on the plan. Little by little, the wardrobe and the desk are also being illustrated in this way. Even young children will now recognize why buying a piece of furniture that is too large is not recommended.


The ability to understand a scale and master the conversion is a great advantage in everyday life. Rearranging a room and choosing a new piece of furniture just got so much easier. The furniture does not have to be carried to a wall that is too narrow to see if it fits there.

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