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Berlin Hbf (low) & Berlin Hbf – difference, where is what?

Berlin Hbf (low) & Berlin Hbf - difference, where is what?

Berlin is one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany. The metropolis can be visited in various ways: Holidaymakers from abroad in particular take the plane for this purpose. Those arriving from the immediate vicinity often come by car, and many domestic travelers also travel to Berlin by train.

Differences between Berlin Central Station (low) and Berlin Central Station:

The majority of all train passengers arrive at Berlin Central Station (Moabit district). The building was constructed between 1995 and 2006. The formal inauguration by German Chancellor Angela Merkel took place on May 26, 2006. Its structure with several floors corresponds to that of a tower station, it is considered the largest of its kind in Europe. In addition, Berlin Central Station is one of the busiest in all of Germany. It is used by an average of 300,000 people every day.

The total area of ​​the station wing is around 70,000 square meters, with the levels being arranged in a cross-like manner. For this reason, a distinction is made between 'Berlin Hbf' and 'Berlin Hbf (low)'. The tracks on the upper floor run in an east-west direction, trains in the lower levels approach the station from north to south. Train journeys to the west go via the Charlottenburg and Spandau stops.

From there, travelers can get to the cities of Hamburg or Hanover. Routes via Wannsee station go via Potsdam and finally end in the Magdeburg area. The tracks heading north run towards Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Connections to the south end in Halle, Leipzig or Dresden.

Berlin main train stations – where is what?

In the train station, restaurants, clothing stores and grocery stores, among other things, are spread over three different floors. There is also a Deutsche Bahn travel center. Due to its wide range of offers and its high frequency of use, the station was classified in the highest category 1 by DB Station & Service.

This includes particularly well-equipped train stations, which also represent relevant hubs for train traffic. Another 20 are also counted in the first category.

A total of 14 train tracks are housed in the Berlin Central Station. Various local and long-distance train lines have their connections here. The main station consists of two upper and three lower levels. They are connected to each other by (escalators) or elevators. Four tracks are on the upper floors, eight are in the lower levels.

In addition, the upper floors on tracks 15 and 16 are served by S-Bahn trains. Various IC/ICE trains run in the upper part of the station on platforms 11 to 14. On the lower levels, they use platforms 1 to 4. Other regional and long-distance traffic lines are distributed over both floors. The subway station is located a bit separately in the lowlands. An additional route for the Berlin S-Bahn on platforms 9 and 10 (low level) is currently being planned, and construction should be completed by 2026.

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