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warum ist afrika so arm gruumlnde geschichte einfach erklaumlrt c1acba6

Why is Africa so poor? – Reasons, history simply explained

Africa is the continent with the most people living in poverty. More than half of the population there lives below the poverty line. Families with children in particular…

warum ist luxemburg so reich einfache erklaumlrung 4e8c0db

Why is Luxembourg so rich? – simple explanation

Luxembourg is considered one of the richest countries in the world. However, it does not appear to have a large amount of mineral resources, nor a significant territory….

warum ist norwegen nicht in der eu aufklaumlrung 335889e

Why is Norway not in the EU? – Enlightenment

The European country in the far north is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Thanks to rich oil and gas deposits, Norwegians are doing well without…

warum ist new york eine global city aufklaumlrung 4ba51af

Why is New York a global city? – Enlightenment

New York City is one of the most famous and largest cities in the world. With around 8.8 million inhabitants; and over 20 million in the metropolitan area…

warum ist russland nicht in der eu aufklaumlrung 0fe6f62

Why is Russia not in the EU? – Enlightenment

The relationship between the EU and Russia is always in the headlines. And one might ask why Russia has not become part of the EU. What could be…

warum ist island nicht in der eu aufklaumlrung 1eeab09

Why isn't Iceland in the EU? – Enlightenment

Iceland, as a European state, is not a member of the European Union, which includes the Nordic States Denmark and Finland count. The island nation prefers independence to…

warum hat tschechien keinen euro aufklaumlrung 8b34931

Why doesn't the Czech Republic have a euro? – Enlightenment

Czech Republic as an industrialized country would benefit from the common currency euro. However, the currency is met with strong opposition from the Czech population. The main reasons…

warum hat kroatien keinen euro aufklaumlrung 2ac5082

Why does Croatia not have the euro? – Enlightenment

Kuna as Croatian currency will soon be obsolete. Croatia enters the Monetary Union and will adopt the Euro on 01. January 2023 as official means of payment. The…

warum hat polen keinen euro aufklaumlrung 59ce450

Why does Poland not have the euro? – Enlightenment

Since 2004 Poland has been a member of the European Union. Within this framework, the acceding country has committed itself to introducing the euro. However, the European Union…

warum hat ungarn keinen euro aufklaumlrung abd8cbb

Why does Hungary not have the euro? – Enlightenment

Hungary as a member of the European Union has agreed to introduce the Euro as its currency. In the first few years, however, it was said that they…