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Are there tides in the Mediterranean? (Ebb tide)

Is there in Mediterranean also tides? (ebb & high tide)

It is already well known that the moon has an influence on life on earth in different areas. It is also known that the North Sea has high and low tides caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the centrifugal force on the earth. Now many people are wondering whether there are tides or ebb and flow in the Mediterranean or in other seas and lakes such as the Baltic Sea.

The answer to whether there are tides in the Mediterranean is:

Yes, there are high and low tides in the Mediterranean but these are minimal compared to the tides on the North Sea.Sea level rises and falls by only a few centimeters on most coasts. The difference is highest in Venice (100cm), Trieste (120) cm & the Gulf of Gab├Ęs (200cm). On most other Mediterranean coasts, the sea level rises and falls by less than 10 cm.

Why isn't the sea level in the Mediterranean falling & rising like the North Sea?

If you look at the North Sea, the Looking at the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea on the map, you will find the main reason why the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea have barely visible tides, while the North Sea has sharp ebbs and flows every 6 hours.

Are there tides in the Mediterranean? ? (Ebb & Flood)

The North Sea is freely connected to the Atlantic. Therefore, the large masses of water come within a few hours and can also flow there again. Every 6 hours, the gravitational pull of the moon and the centrifugal force of the earth ensure that large masses of water flow from the North Sea into the Atlantic and then come back again.

The Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, on the other hand, are sealed off by straits

The Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar (marked red on the map) and the Baltic Sea has only a narrow connection to the North Sea near Denmark (also marked in red).

The moon also exerts its gravitational pull on the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea, but not enough water can flow through the straits of the two seas within such a short time that the sea level can be significantly lowered as in the North Sea. For this reason, the tides on the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean are not as pronounced as on the North Sea.

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