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Animal beginning with X for City Country River

Animal with X at the beginning for Stadt Land Fluss

In the popular game Stand Land Fluss, the animals category has proved popular, but it puts players in their place on some letters. As is usual in the game, the right terms are missing for some categories or letters. This is the case, for example, with the letter X and the category animal. In the following, animals are named for this field. And so that you can then prove their authenticity, some information worth knowing is given.


The xenocongrids are classified as eel-like and therefore belong to the bony fish family. These are very identical to moray eels, which is why a certain close relationship between the two animal species is assumed. Animals of this species have no scales, but instead have thick skin and a continuous fin border. The pectoral fins of the animals have receded and are even no longer available in one species. Likewise, the colors of the xenocongrids are similar to those of the moray eels. In comparison, however, the bodies of the moray eels are thicker and the head pores of the moray eels are also significantly larger than those of the xenocongrids. However, these animals are hardly known, although they are found worldwide. One explanation for this, however, is that they live very secretively. Many animals of this species can be found especially in the Mediterranean.

Xeromys myoides

This is the name for the false swimming rat. Animals of this species belong to the rodent species of the group Old World mice. So they belong to the family of long-tailed mice and have the generic name Xeromys, which is relatively short and is therefore ideal for use in the game City Country River. The bodies of the animals are streamlined with an elongated head. They have small, round ears and small eyes. Their fur is dark gray on top and gets lighter towards the bottom. However, the paws of the animals usually have fine white hair.

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